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from 10.09.2014

By expanding his knowledge and sensory perception,

man can get endless pleasure from wine

Ernest Hemingway


About «Wine Expert»

Increasing number of Ukrainians are interested in enogastronomic culture, wine tour routes, collecting wine. Skill of appreciation wine has become part of a successful lifestyle. In response to the growing interest of our compatriots to wine culture rapid-course of study tasting and wine etiquette - tasting showroom «Wine Expert» has been elaborated. The first showroom was held in February 2013 within the exhibition «Wine and Winemaking» in Odessa. Organizer of tasting showroom is Wine Expert Group, which operates in partnership with Association Italy – Ukraine (AIU), Ospitalita Italiana, exhibition company «Expo-Yug-Service». 

Relevance of the topic has made «Wine Expert» popular and mobile. Annual holding of «Wine Expert» is planned in major Ukrainian cities, of course not forgetting about the wine capital Odessa and capital of Ukraine, Kyiv.

Next «Wine Expert» crash course will be held within the exhibition «World Food Ukraine» in Kyiv at "International Exhibition Center" between October 30 and November 1, 2013. Within the «Wine Expert» there will be presented only famous wine, worthy representing Ukraine as wine-producing country, as also best foreign wine brands. Participation in «Wine Expert» show room is also an effective promotional campaign for wine brands, conducted by famous wine experts, sommeliers and by wine expert and enologist Anatoliy Malinovskiy.


The venue of «Wine Expert» will be "World Food Ukraine 2013" exhibition. Official statistics of exhibition shows that 24.83% of visitors are interested in wine products presented within the exhibition, and business program annually attracts wine trading business professionals, restaurateurs, buyers, distributors.

Advertising campaign

The program of «Wine Expert» specially foresees two open show room activities for restaurateurs and media. For participation, there will be invited restaurateurs from major cities of Ukraine, - TV and radio journalists, correspondents from press and information agencies (up to 40 people). Advertising campaign of show rooms consists of advertising in press, printing, Internet, contextual advertising, Direct mail, consumer promotion and PR support.

Audience of show rooms: visitors of «World Food Ukraine» exhibition, journalists from leading mass media of Ukraine invited to open show room for media, representatives of wine trading business, purchasing agents of retail networks, restaurateurs, distributors, wine connoisseurs, gourmets.

Framework of show rooms

Tasting program will consist of 18 different show rooms, during each of which in express mode, for 2 hours, it will be taught how to singly assess and characterize organoleptic properties of 5 different samples of domestic and foreign wine.

After passing through show room, all participants will receive basic understanding of classification and types of wine, rules of tasting, history of winemaking in curiosities, major wine regions of the world, will learn how to read the information from the label correctly, will learn about basic rules of wine selection, enogastronomic combinations and accessories selection.

Wine experts of show room, as a matter of practice, will educate on 3 traditional stages of tasting: visual, olfactory, gustatory by connecting tactile and auditory feelings / associations.

Those wishing to get «Wine Expert» certificate (initial level) after passing three show rooms will have an ability to pass the test with the help of black glass.


The Organizer:

Wine Expert Group

Wine Expert Group is an organizer of educational and business-events in area of wine-producing and drink culture: express-courses, workshops of World and Europeans’ leading specialists, exhibitions, festivals, wine and eno-gastronomic tours.

In 2014 is planned to hold express-courses in Ukrainian big cities, opening of Wine school, organization of wine tours to Ukraine, Italy, France.





Supported by:

Ospitalita Italiana, ACTE

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