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Five arguments for those who are planning to participate in express-course «Wine Expert»:

1. A long time ago plan trainings at sommelier school? «Wine Expert» – the only one in Ukraine express training course of wine tasting and etiquette.

2. You are a real gourmet and dream to taste excellent wines, the characteristics of which will be remembered and become a landmark for rating of other wines!

3. To become a wiz in selection of wines and brandies with «Wine Expert» – get certificate of entry level is possible after participation in three show rooms and black glass screening test.

4. Express training course is a great opportunity to meet real wine experts and ask the questions.

5. Your hobby is wine? Then participation in “Wine Expert” will open for you new wines and you will get new knowledge in enogastronomy (the art of matching wines to certain dishes).


Dates and time:

March 20 (Thursday) – 10:30-12:30,

March 21 (Friday) – 13:00-18:00.

Duration of one tasting – 2 hours.


The cost of training: 200 hryvna for one tasting.

To get the “Wine Expert” certificate is necessary to attend the final tasting and have a screening black glass test.


Call now +38 (048) 777-60-68!

Places are limited, only 30 persons can attend one tasting.

To get additional information please call or write


83 Of, 3 Pirogovskaya Str, Odessa, 65044, Ukraine
+38 (048) 777-60-68, +38 (048) 728-60-68

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