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Wine Expert professional is an event program specially for "Wine and wine-making. High degree 2014" exhibition: tasting showrooms and express courses

The Wine Expert program prepared specially for XIV International Specialized Exhibition «Wine and wine-making. High Degree», which will be held from 20th to 22nd of March at the exhibition hall of Odessa Sea port.

Under the auspices of Wine Expert 9 different events in two formats will be held at the exhibition - show rooms and express courses.

Wine Expert educational express courses are oriented on representatives of HoReCa segments (headwaiters, waiters, managers), as well as gourmets and food-bloggers. The Author of a unique training technique – Wine Expert Group company – provides to the participants an opportunity to get the necessary amount of basic knowledge of wine etiquette, food and wine combinations and traditions, as well as updated information on the latest trends of wine drink culture on the Ukrainian HoReCa market.

Within a 2-hour Wine Expert training express course participants will learn to evaluate, and to characterize the organoleptic properties of the beverage on the example of 5 different samples of foreign and local wines. Additionally, they demonstrate on practice all three stages of traditional tasting: visual, olfactory and gustatory.

The results of training for each of the participants in three or more courses will be rapid examination test on a "blind" tasting in black glass. The results of this tasting will become the basis for an official Wine Expert certificate of entry level.

Professional Wine Expert show rooms – efficient platform for discussing of current alcoholic trends in Ukrainian and world markets, meetings with wine culture gurus, presentations of new samples of wines and spirits.

Wine Expert show rooms — is a place for tasting of the best samples of wines and spirits brands, represented in Ukraine. The experts are wine critics, sommeliers and representatives of distributing companies and wine-production companies. Thus, the presentation at the show room of perspective samples of drinks of Trademark will help popularize and promote wine brand - TM owner.

The special status of Wine Expert underlines participation in its work of recognized world-class experts such asPhilip Gudband MW - a certified teacher of wine, ex-president and senior lecturer of the London International School of Wines and Spirits (, as well as one of the most respected Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET employees.

Famous and respected local experts - a member of the jury of International Wine Competitions, wine expertOksana Tkachenko, President of “Odessa Bartenders and Sommeliers Union”, expert of Wine Expert Group –Anatoliy Malinovsky, as well as authorized experts of “Industrial and Trade company Shabo” ltd. will take part in the work of Wine Expert showroom together with a world-level expert.

The high level of these activities and professional approach to their organization are highlighted by special requirements to premises for tasting, only specially trained personnel for service , use of recognized brands such asTM Riedel from the partner company "Forward" in serving meals, as well as their own intellectual developments and know-how. Wherein Tasting Wine Expert Book deserves a special reference - handy and useful diary for taster beginner for recording impressions and with brief information of the course.

Another landmark event-activity from Wine Expert Group, which will also be presented at the exhibition "Wine and winemaking. High degree 2014"- is "Wine brunch"- the original format of effective direct negotiations between the heads and marketers of wineries with restaurateurs and hoteliers. It is a joint winemakers and restaurateurs project, in which the most important and responsible negotiations can be held in an informal atmosphere, with a glass of good wine.


The Organizer:

Wine Expert Group

Wine Expert Group is an organizer of educational and business-events in area of wine-producing and drink culture: express-courses, workshops of World and Europeans’ leading specialists, exhibitions, festivals, wine and eno-gastronomic tours.

In 2014 is planned to hold express-courses in Ukrainian big cities, opening of Wine school, organization of wine tours to Ukraine, Italy, France.





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Ospitalita Italiana, ACTE

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