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Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List
Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List
Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List
Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List
Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List
Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List

2013. Press Release

from 27.11.2012

From 7 to 9 of February 2013 in Odessa at Sea Terminal will be held that are already became traditional for the alcohol industry of Ukraine XIII International exhibition "Wine and Winemaking" and XIII International exhibition of Spirits "High degree". 

The main focus in the subject of professional exhibitions "Wine and Winemaking" and "high degree" in 2013, will focus on the presentation of new European trends in the design and packaging of alcohol products, retail marketing, wine tourism.


- Wines, cognacs, vodkas, brandies, liquors, balsams 

- Label, packing, packaging, accessories

- Materials for processing and bottles capping 

- Transportation and Logistics

- Wine cellars, cupboards

- Commercial equipment for placement of alcoholic beverages in a modern retail

- Trading houses (importers and distributors)

- Viticulture (nurseries, cultivation technology, mechanization and protection)

- Equipment for wine-producing, alcoholic industry, wine-producers-amateurs

- Special editions and literature

"Wine and Winemaking" and "High Degree" exhibitions are not only important for Ukraine's exhibition space, which brings together the most active market participants of alcoholic industry, but also the rallying point for the industry. Participation in these projects takes as domestic enterprises and their foreign counterparts. The exhibitions in 2012 were attended by more than 90 manufacturing companies of wines and spirits, equipment and materials for the viticulture and wine producing.

The main purpose of these exhibitions is to create a positive image of Ukrainian alcohol industry and to improve the culture of drinking of wine production and strong alcohol. 

In 2013, within the exhibition "Wine and Winemaking", "Salon of Champagne and Sparkling Wines" will take place and within the exhibition "High Degree", "Salon of Cognac" will be carried out.

The main idea of these projects - to create a platform for direct communication of foreign and Ukrainian producers of sparkling wines, cognacs and brandies with consumers. 

At the exhibition visitors will be able to taste the alcohol from "first hands", directly from the manufacturer to learn the peculiarities of its production, the rules for combining the products and the subtleties of enogastronomic use, buy favorite products. The Exposition of salons, except European and Ukrainian manufacturers of champagne and cognac, will include the appropriate accessories and gourmet delicacies.

In business and cultural program of exhibitions in 2013 the following projects will be presented:

  1. XIII International tasting contest "Odessa Gulf",
  2. International Forum of wine-producers and oenologists
  3. NEW! Alumni Meeting of winemakers ONAFT' different years for "professional" a glass of wine
  4. Salon Champagne and Sparkling Wines, cognac, Salon
  5. Oenogastronomic Show
  6. "Fan Art" for wine lovers «PhotoVintage 2013"
  7. NEW! People tasting competition "National VS Imported wine." Back on the shelf? In a glass? Or to the collection in the cellar?

Advertising support for exhibitions is carried out by more than 40 international specialized and mass media, television and radio companies, the leading Internet portals and of the country.

According to experts opinion, annual meeting in Odessa at the exhibitions "Wine and Winemaking" and "High Degree" is the key for their participants to successful promotion of companies in the market, establishing long-term business contacts and source of new ideas and relevant information about the state of Ukrainian vodka market, trends and prospects its development in the upcoming year. 

The target audience of exhibitions and special events:

  • Representatives of state structures, foreign companies, trade representatives of Embassies of countries accredited in Ukraine,
  • Producers of vineyard, wine-producing and alcohol industries
  • Owners of enterprises,
  • Representatives distributing companies
  • Representatives of importing companies,
  • Management of large retail networks,
  • Representatives of investment companies
  • Top managers of restaurants, sommeliers,
  • Representatives of advertising agencies,
  • Representatives of electronic and print media in Ukraine and abroad. 



Exhibition company «Expo-Yug-Service»

ph/fax: 728-60-68, 777-60-68



Head of the project - Angelina Sovit