Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List
Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List
Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List
Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List
Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List
Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List

2012. Press Release

from 13.02.12

From 23 to 25 of February 2012 in Odessa at Sea Terminal will be held that are already became traditional for the alcohol industry of Ukraine XII International specialized exhibition "Wine and Winemaking" and XII International specialized exhibition of Spirits "High degree". For the first time in Ukraine will take place Salon of Champagne and Sparkling wines and salon of Cognac. 

Project support is provided by:

  • Assembly of European wine regions,
  • The Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine,
  • The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine,
  • The Antitrust Committee of Ukraine,
  • Odessa regional state administration,
  • Ukrainian corporation on viticulture and wine industry "Ukrvinprom".

Scientific Patronage of the exhibitions is provided by leading Ukrainian scientific institutions - the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, National Institute of Vine and Wine "Magarach" NAAS, the National Science Center "Institute of viticulture and winemaking in the name of VE Tairov "NAAS, Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies.

The general partner of the exhibition "Wine and Winemaking" - "Shabo"  
The general partner of salons  

About their participation in exhibitions in 2012 declared more than 80 of wine producing companies, strong drinks ,equipment from Ukraine, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Russia, Moldova and Belarus. 

Among the domestic manufacturers alcoholic production at the exhibition will be presented: ITC "Shabo" TM "Noviy Svet", "KVKF Bakhchisarai", "Magliv" Ltd., Kharkiv factory of champagne wines "Odessa Cognac Factory" TM "Shustov", the National Science center "Institute of Wine and viticulture in the name of V.E. Tairov, "Bolgradsky winery, a / c plant" Belozersky ",PJSC" Pishevik "Bolgrad TM, TM« Marelli ». Foreign wines and spirits for professionals and final consumers will be presented by "Antichi Sapori sas" (Italy), wine cellar PAMIDOVO (Bulgaria), Leuta (Italy) company, Tiraspol Wine & Cognac Factory «KVINT».

Equipment for wine-producing and working in the vineyards is presented by «AG engineering», «Berhord», «Enogroup», «Vintech», «PIM-Ukraine», «Biomash», «Center of German Technologies», «Systems of fixing» (Ukraine), «Ipris-profil» (Ukraine), Zambelli Enotech Srl (Italu), Valentin (France), JSC „Rodina-Haskovo (Bulgaria), «ShimUkraine», Chr. Hansen Ukraine, group of companies «Pischemash» and others. 

One of the central events of the exhibitions is the Twelfth International professional tasting contest "Odessa Bay", which features more than 80 samples of wine and alcoholic beverages from Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Moldova, Belarus. Learn the names of the winners of this prestigious competition will be able on February 23rd at 12.00.

For industry professionals various business program is prepared:

  • International Forum of winemakers and enologists "The scientific aspects of the formation of the national authenticity of Ukrainian wine-producing regions." The Forum's goal - the creation of conditions for formation of a national wine-producing regions and the authenticity of a data bank of Ukrainian producers of wines with their own name. At the Forum will be presented the technique of creating a complex mechanism ampeloecological identification, based on European experience, adapted to Ukrainian realities and is being tested.
  • Presentation "Application of chromatographic and spectral equipment for quality control of winemaking," the company "ShimUkraine."
  • Presentation "History and examination of the « Valentin »(France) company in the field of sparkling wine."

In 2012 for the first time in Ukraine in the framework of the exhibition "Wine and Winemaking" will take place "Salon Champagne and Sparkling Wine", and in framework of the exhibition "High Degree" will take place "Salon Cognac". At the exhibition visitors will be able to taste the alcoholic production "from first hand" directly from the manufacturer, to learn the peculiarities of its producing. In the salons will take part - ITC "Shabo", TM "Noviy Svet", "KVKF Bakhchisarai", "Magliv", Kharkiv factory of champagne wines "Odessa Cognac Factory", TM "Shustov", the exclusive representative of German sparkling wine "Pomp" , TM «KVINT», mineral water, TM «Costella».

On the rules of combination of sparkling wines and cognac with products, and also on enogastronomic intricacies of use will tell the leading restaurateurs of Odessa - "Mimino in Odessa", "Salieri na Dvoryanskoy," "Povarsony», «Olivie." Exposition of the Salons, except Europe and Ukrainian manufacturers of champagne and cognacs, will include the appropriate accessories and gourmet delicacies.

Cultural event of exhibitions in 2012 - will become the opening of photo exhibition PhotoVintage 2012. "The works of Ukrainian and foreign photographers illustrate the theme of wine production - from growing the grapes, vines, harvest, manufacture, design and packaging of alcohol - up to the process and the culture of consumption of wine, champagne, cognac and other alcoholic beverages.

Advertising support for exhibitions is carried out by more than 40 international specialized and mass media, television and radio companies, the leading Internet portals and of the country.

General informational partner of the exhibition – «Drinks +» magazine

General informational partner of Forum of winemakers and oenologists – «VinoGrad» magazine

General informational partner of Salon of Champagne and Sparkling wines, Salon of Cognacs, partner of the Tasting contest – «Akcyz» and «WineFest»

General news partner of the exhibition – «Interfax – Ukraine»

According to experts opinion, annual meeting in Odessa at the exhibitions "Wine and Winemaking" and "High Degree" is the key for their participants to successful promotion of companies in the market, establishing long-term business contacts and source of new ideas and relevant information about the state of Ukrainian vodka market, trends and prospects its development in the upcoming year.

The target audience of exhibitions and special events:

  • Representatives of state structures, foreign companies, trade representatives of Embassies of countries accredited in Ukraine,
  • Producers of vineyard, wine-producing and alcohol industries
  • owners of enterprises,
  • Representatives distributing companies
  • representatives of importing companies,
  • Management of large retail networks,
  • Representatives of investment companies
  • Top managers of restaurants, sommeliers,
  • Representatives of advertising agencies,
  • Representatives of electronic and print media in Ukraine and abroad.

Organizer:  Exhibition company «Expo-Yug-Service»

Exhibition Company «Expo-Yug-Service»
+38 (048) 777-60-68, +38 (048) 728-60-68