Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List
Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List
Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List
Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List
Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List
Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List

2010. Press Release

from 10.02.2010

X anniversary International specialized exhibition-symposium “Wine and Winemaking”, X anniversary International specialized exhibition of strong alcoholic drinks “High Degree”, X anniversary International professional tasting competition “Odessa Gulf”, V International professional conference “Marketing strategy in advancement of alcoholic production” and Round table “Problems and perspectives of viticulture and winemaking development in Ukraine” took place in Odessa in February 4 – 6, 2010 on the Sea Port.

Traditionally all the projects were supported by the Assembly of European Winemaking Regions, Ministry of аagrarian policy of Ukraine, Ministry of economy of Ukraine, Odessa State Regional Administration and the Association of viticulturers and winemakers of Ukraine and Odessa Region.

The Head of the Odessa regional state administration Nikolay Serdjuk, the Vice-president of the commission, the deputy director on scientific work on winemaking of the National institute of grapes and wine "Magarach",   Dr.Sci.Tech., the professor of winemaking Victor Zagorujko, the director of the National centre of science “Institute of wine growing and winemaking by Tairov” Vyacheslav Vlasov, the rector of the Odessa National academy of food technologies Bogdan Egorov, the General director of the Industrially-trading company "Shabo" Vazha Iukuridze have taken part in solemn ceremony of opening of exhibitions.

Scientific patronage and active participation in the work of exhibitions, and also the International professional tasting contest “Odessa gulf” have carried out scientific institutions with unique workings out in the field of winemaking and wine growing: National institute of grapes and wine "Magarach", the National centre of science “Institute of wine growing and winemaking by Tairov”, Odessa national academy of food technologies.

General partner of the X anniversary International specialized exhibition “Wine and Winemaking” has become “Shabo” TM.

General partner of the V International professional conference “Marketing strategy in advancement of alcoholic production” has become “Londonskaya” Hotel.

Hotel of the “Wine and Winemaking” exhibition – “Lermontovsky” Hotel.

One of the central exhibitions’ events became the awarding of the winners of the X International professional tasting contest “Odessa Gulf”. The structure of the official tasting commission of the contest included representatives of the state structures, scientific research institutes, leading experts of the winemaking and liquor-vodka enterprises, the industries of Ukraine and abroad, authoritative experts - tasters of the international level. It has been presented more than 170 samples of winemaking and liquor-vodka production from Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, France, Italy, Romania and Russia. The samples presented on the contest were estimated under the International standards.

By contest results the higher award – Grand Prix - in the nomination “Table high-quality sustained white wines” has been handed over the “Industrially-trading company “Shabo” for the wine “Chardone classic Shabo”, in the nomination “Champagne Brut” has been handed over the JSC "Odessavinprom" for the champagne “French parkway” Brut white SE”, in the nomination “Branded cognac” – to the “Industrially-trading company “Shabo” for cognac “Shabo Reserve 20”. Gold, silver, bronze medals and diplomas also have been handed over the winners.

Manufacturers of wines, strong spirits, the equipment and materials for wine growing and winemaking have taken part in exhibitions of 2010. The high rating and recognition of exhibitions not only in Ukraine, but also abroad, have caused participation in the exhibitions the representatives of the foreign companies from Italy, Moldova, Belarus, Romania, Germany, France, Bulgaria. According to Michael Agafonov’s words, the chief of department of gardening development, wine growing and winemaking of the Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine, for 10 years of this exhibition existence it has received wide recognition among the experts and visitors, became the largest action of the year for branch of alcoholic drinks not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. “Participation in such prestigious international project allows experts to adjust new business ties, to exchange experience, more precisely to define achievements and needs of the market of alcoholic production”.

Exposition “Wine. Spirits” has been presented by the enterprises having a wide experience and century traditions, along with the classical winemaking, introducing modern technologies, creating modern winemaking complexes with a full cycle of manufacture. These are such enterprises as Joint-Stock Company “Bolgradsky winemaking factor”», ТМ "Bolgrad"; the National centre of science “Institute of wine and winemaking by Tairov”, ТМ “Tairovsky wines”, “Industrially-trading company “Shabo”, TM Shabo, the Odessa factory of sparkling wines, “Bakhchsaraisky winemaking factory”, Joint-Stock Company "Victoria", Izmailsky winery, Belozersky winery, "Bostardo" PE, Association of winemakers, Belarus enterprises have been presented by concern "Belgospischeprom".

Alcohol production of elite class have been presented by the “Niagara” company, Odessa factory of sparkling wines, «Bennati» (Italy), Speed SRL (Romania).

Exposition “Equipment for winemaking and viticulture” was presented both domestic and foreign enterprises. They are such companies as TM “Inox” (Bulgaria-Ukraine), Center of German Technologies (Germany), “Pim Ukraina”, “Biomash” Company, “Novatekh Ukraina”, “Ostrov-Odessa”, “Enogroup”, “Berhord Ukaina”, “KSK-Automatization”, “Agrostar”, “Ameraal Beltekh”, OLPOL, “Sofac” (France), “Systems of Fixation” (Ukraine), “Ipris Profil” (Ukraine), “Shetelig” (Ukraine), “Radar-Tekhnofiltr” (Ukraine), “Logrus” (Germany-Italy-Netherlands-France), “Agrotekhnika Italiano” (Italy-Ukraine) etc. Company «Club Bacco Italia» (Italy) represented the joined stand of producers for the winemaking brunch in Italy. Among the announced participants were presented: “Defranceschi S.n.c.”, “F.lli Tabanelli” Company (“Tabanelli Brothers”), “CELLI”, “Frangor”, “VULCANO s.r.l.”.

Exposition “Materials for decoration, corcking, container, packing” have been presented such enterprises as "Eurostekloservis" and Gostomelsky glass plant “Vetropak”.

Exposition “Nursering” has been presented by the nursering complex Vivai Cooperativi Raushedo (Italy), German company "Sibbus-saplings" entering into the Center of German technologies and agrofirm from the Kherson area “State farm “Belozersky”.

Exposition “Specialized editions and the literature” has been presented by leading Ukrainian and Russian specialized editions: “Drinks + “,””, “Grapes”, “Aktsiz”, “Grapes. Wine”, “Harchovik”,  “Vinomania” (Russia), “Empire of drinks” (Belarus),"Enoteka"(Russia) and others.

Round table «Problems and prospects of wine growing and winemaking development in Ukraine» which has been organized under the chairmanship of the Vice-president of Association «Wine-growers and winemakers of the Odessa Region», the Chairman of “Peremoga”, the president of JSC "Victoria" Vladislav Pleshivtsev in cooperation with the director of Institute of wine growing and winemaking by V. Tairov, Vyacheslav Vlasov has taken place in February the 4th. Director of Association of "Winegrowers and winemakers of Ukraine” - Sergey Petrenko, the Head of board of “Black Sea pearl” - Evgenie Olejnikov also have taken part in this round table. During its carrying out participants focused attention on the several questions which decision is essential for development of viticulture and winemaking branches. So, the question of quality assurance of domestic winemaking production became one of the important questions lifted by participants within the limits of the round table.

According to Vladislav Pleshivtsev opinion, today there are “various commissions and institutes which make also physical and chemical and organic estimations of winemaking production, that means that the state control of production exists. Today the question of Ukrainian wine quality just does not finish the public organizations, but it is they who can open qualitative or poor-quality manufacturers. And such information is necessary for informing through mass media, the society of protection of the rights of consumers, Gosstandart etc.”.

Vladislav Pleshivtsev accented that today branch public organizations could be engaged as revealing of poor-quality production on regiments of shops, and advancement domestic winemaking production.

The Head of Association of “Winegrowers and winemakers of Ukraine”, Sergey Petrenko, thus, has added that to branch the independent expert appraisal of winemaking brunch is necessary as sometimes the examinations spent by the little-known dependent organizations, are the struggle mechanism with each other. Representing profile all-ukrainian branch Association, Sergey Petrenko is ready to incur responsibility for the organization of carrying out of such examination and the publication of results of analyses in Mass Media. “In order to avoid pressure upon institutes important that during examination there was no possibility to learn what exactly it is for wine: that is to select samples, to appropriate it numbers and to carry out examination. Except the Ukrainian wines, it also can be import production as Ukraine has not the right to supervise today quality of import production after the conditions, taken by Ukraine at an accession to WTO”, - S.Petrenko has told.

Along with it, Evgenie Olejnikov, the Head of the enterprise of primary winemaking that is the largest in the Odessa Region, has expressed concern social aspects of the Ukrainian wine growing and winemaking. In his opinion, today Ukraine is on the threshold of global changes of home market in connection with threat from outside foreign manufacturers at occurrence of Ukraine in the world market. The Head of “Black Sea pearl” considers that the problem for Ukraine in present conditions – to keep the manufacture and as much as possible to minimize stress at the introduction into the world market. He also has underlined that minimization of stress for wine growing and winemaking branches is a problem of the uniform public branch organization.

On February, 5th the fifth year V International conference «Marketing strategy in advancement of alcoholic production» has successively collected leading experts in marketing of the alcoholic market for the fifth time in February 5.

In opinion of participants the program has turned out very balanced and interesting both for listeners and for lecturers. About the possibilities of mobile and Internet marketing usage have told Nazar Grynyk (the director of agency Lead9) and Alexey Ignatyev (the director of agency Adformer); how to protect the rights of intellectual property in winemaking sphere Sergey Ionushas (the director of legal firm Gelon) has told; about the tendencies and prospects of use of alternative kinds of packing in the market of wine and liquor-vodka drinks Elena Mikitenko (the director for development Markets Consulting Group) has told; Sergey Digol (the creative director of branding agency Vox Design) has expressed the opinion about re-branding of trade marks; how to adjust and use loyalty programs in work with a mass market Ksenia Zazhigina (the director for development of business R.A.M Advertising Group) has told; about the first in Ukraine Shabo brandland has told Tatyana Ponomarenko (the director for marketing communications of PTK Shabo); with technologies of aroma branding “in operation” listeners were acquainted by Natalia Eskova (aroma-designer Oasis Ukraine); that offers PR to alcoholic brands in “blocking” Denis Kamishev (the director of agency “Fourth Rome”) has told, Anna Titlova has shared the results of marketing research of tendencies of champagnes and sparkling wines (the coordinator on marketing of Caffe&Bar edition), what is the concept of society was brilliantly,   inconsistently and incendiary told by Yaroslav Trofimov (the director of branding agency “Inspire”).

For the purpose of increasing the culture of drinking organizers of the exhibition had been spent the special action – “Public tasting” - tasting by visitors of the exhibition of manufacturers-participants’ wines of. In this action directed on popularization of qualitative drinks, wine have been presented in five nominations: “Red dry wines”, “White dry wines”, “Red semi-sweet wines”, “White semi-sweet wines”, "Sparkling wines”.

On creation of a wide resonance of exhibitions the advertising campaign including all necessary tools of advertising communications and public relations has been directed. All actions of 2010 were highly appreciated by experts. Results of the questioning spent at the exhibition among participants and visitors, allow to predict the further dynamical development of these international projects.

Organizing committee:
"Expo-Yug-Service" exhibition company
Of. 83, 3 Pirogovskaya Str., Odessa, 65044, Ukraine
Ph/fax: +38 (048) 728-60-68, 777-60-68

Head of the Project – Angelina Sovit