Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List
Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List
Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List
Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List
Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List
Press Release Photo gallery Program Exhibitors' List

2009. Press Release


IX International specialized exhibition-symposium «Wine and Winemaking», IX anniversary International specialized exhibition of strong alcoholic drinks «High degree», IX International professional tasting competition «Odessa gulf», IV International professional conference «Marketing strategy in advancement of alcoholic production» were take place in Odessa in February 5 – 7, 2009.

Traditionally, official support to projects is rendered by the Assembly of the European Wine-making regions, the Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine, the Ministry of Economics of Ukraine, the Odessa Regional State Administration.

In solemn ceremony of opening of exhibitions and in rewarding of professional competition «Odessa gulf» winners have taken part: the Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Serdjuk N.D., the vice-president of the commission, the deputy director on scientific work on winemaking of National institute of grapes and wine "Magarach" ASU,  Dr.Sci.Tech., the professor of winemaking Zagorujko V. A, the director of the National centre of science «Institute of wine growing and winemaking of V.E.Tairova» ASU Vlasov V.V., the rector of the Odessa National academy of food technologies Egorov B.V., the General director of Industrially-trading company "Shabo" Iukuridze V. G.

Scientific patronage and active participation in work of exhibitions, and also the International professional tasting competition «Odessa gulf» carry out scientific institutions with unique workings out in the field of winemaking and wine growing: National institute of grapes and wine "Magarach" ASU, the National centre of science «Institute of wine growing and winemaking of V.E.Tairova» ASU, the Odessa national academy of food technologies.

The general partner of the exhibition «Wine and Winemaking» - TM Shabo.

Target audience of exhibitions and special actions – manufacturers, the wholesale companies, traders, experts of wine-making and alcoholic branches, advertising agencies, sommeliers, advisers for alcoholic drinks, owners, top-managers of restaurants, representatives of the state structures, the foreign companies, the trade missions of Embassies of the countries accredited in Ukraine, representatives of electronic and printing mass media from Ukraine and abroad.

IX International professional tasting competition «Odessa gulf» became one of the central events of exhibitions. The main competition objective is revealing of qualitative product samples and assistance to advancement of competitive production in the internal and external markets. The structure of the official tasting commission of competition included representatives of the state structures, scientific research institutes, leading experts of the enterprises of wine-making and strong alcoholic products industries of Ukraine and abroad. The enterprises from Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Azerbaijan, France have taken part in competition and presented more than 100 samples. The samples presented on competition were estimated under the international standards. By the results of competition the higher award Gran Prix in a nomination table ordinary high-quality red dry wines has been handed over the "Industrially-trading company Shabo" for wine "Cabernet", ТМ "Shabo" for the "Shabo Classic" series. Gold, silver, bronze medals and diplomas also have been handed over the winners.

In exhibitions of 2009 fault, cognacs, high technologies, equipment, container, packing, label, accessories have taken part. The high rating and recognition of these exhibitions not only in Ukraine, but also abroad, have caused wide participation in exhibitions of representatives of the foreign companies of Italy, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Moldova, Belarus, Azerbaydzhan. For the first time in Odessa the Association of development of the international exchange of agricultural products and techniques ADEPTA (France) had been presented a number of the enterprises-manufacturers of the equipment for winemaking, and also wine-making economies of France.

Exposition «Wines. Alcoholic drinks» has been presented by the enterprises having a wide experience and century traditions, along with classical winemaking introducing modern technologies, creating modern wine-making complexes with a full cycle of manufacture. These are such enterprises as: «Industrially-trading company Shabo», TM Shabo, Joint-Stock Company «Bolgradsky winemaking factory», ТМ "Bolgrad"; the National centre of science «Institute of Wine and Winemaking of V.E.Tairova», ТМ «Tairovsky wines»; MAISON FOUGERAY DE BEAUCLAIR (France), "Bostardo" PE, the Belarus enterprises have been presented by concern "Belgospischeprom".

Exposition «Equipment for winemaking and wine growing» is presented by both domestic and foreign manufacturers. These are such enterprises as the company «Italservis Ukraine» (Italy-Ukraine), ТМ "Inox" (Bulgaria-Ukraine), the Center of German technologies (Germany), Profil Alsace (France), ТМ "Avest-Lant", Sodime (France), CFCL (France), company "Biomash", «Novatekh Ukraine», «Fruktonad GROUP», "Island-Odessa", "Enogrup", «Berhord Ukraine», "KSK-AUTOMATION", "Agrostar", "Ammeraal Belteh", СВ PE (ТМ "Bonpos"), OLPOL, and others.

Exposition «Materials for registration and corking bottles, container, packing» have been presented by such enterprises as "Applik Eten" (France), "Smjurfit Kappa" (France), "Evrostekloservis", Gostomelsky glass factory "Vetropak".

Exposition "Nurse keeping" has been presented by nursering complex Vivai Cooperativi Raushedo (Italy), German company "Sibbus-saplings" entering into the Center of German technologies, VITIS RAUSCEDO (Italy), the companies from France - France Vineyard Development, Merse Frer, grape nurseries Burge, and also agrofirm from the Kherson Region “State farm" Belozersky ".

Exposition «Specialized editions and literature» has been presented by leading Ukrainian and Russian specialized editions: «Drinks +», «», "VinoGrad", "Actsiz", «Grapes. Wine», "Harchovik", "Vinomania" (Russia), «Promanager» (Russia), «Empire of drinks» (Belarus), "Enoteka" , "Russia" and others.

At IV International conference «Marketing strategy in advancement of alcoholic production» rose vital topics of the strategy embodiment of positioning in the Ukrainian alcoholic market, efficiency PR of alcoholic brands in the conditions of an economic crisis, protection of the rights to trade marks and other objects of intellectual property in winemaking sphere, the basic aspects of introduction categorical management and new technologies of management were shined with assortment, the question on a condition of the international wine right was brought up.

For the purpose of drinking culture increase organizers of the exhibition had been spent the special action - «National Tasting» - tasting of manufacturers-participants’ wines by visitors of the exhibition. This action is directed on popularization of qualitative drinks, wine have been presented in four nominations: «Red dry wines», «White dry wines», «Red semisweet wines», «White semisweet wines». The best had been chose fault of "Industrially-trading company Shabo", ТМ "Royal stories", Joint-Stock Company "Bolgradsky Winemaking factory", ТМ "Bolgrad", “Institute of Wine and Winemaking of V.E.Tairova».

On creation of wide resonance of the exhibitions the advertising campaign including all necessary instruments of advertising communications and public relations has been directed.

All events of 2009 were highly appreciated by experts. Results of the questioning spent at an exhibition among participants and visitors; allow predicting the further dynamical development of these international projects.