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At wine holiday – 13th International Exhibitions “Wine and Winemaking” and “High Degree” organized by the company “Expo-Yug-Service” wine flavors exhaled fragrances attracting attention of wine connoisseurs. 13th International Exhibitions “Wine and Winemaking” and “High Degree” were held on February, 7-9, 2013 in the Exhibition Hall of Odessa Sea Commercial Port.

13th International Exhibitions “Wine and Winemaking” and “High Degree” became not only holiday for wine makers but also platform for business negotiations, scientific discussions and professional growth:“Wine culture is based on three foundations: soil, sun and people. On the South-West of Ukraine soil and sun were always perfectly in order, people are to perform requisite works now. I imply wine makers, I imply people of demanding heaven, keen nose. These people are grown as if growing the grapes….” – Igor Pomerantsev commented on the events of the exhibition. Igor Pomerantsev is a poet, prose writer, journalist and author of the books “Krasnoye I Sukhoye” and “Vinny Lavki”. Famous wine critics – Igor Pomerantsev (Prague, Czech Republic) and Igor Serdyuk (Moscow, Russia) - arrived in Odessa especially for attending the exhibition “Wine and Wine Production.” 

In 2013 more than 60 companies from Italy, Georgia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Republic of Moldova, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine participated in the exhibition including large production and trading companies (OOO PTC “Shabo”, «KVINT», Association “Wine Growers and Wine Producers of Odessa Region», «PIM Ukraine», «PIM Bulgaria», «Berhord», «Lumex», «Yevrostekloservice», «VCR Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo », «Shim Ukraine») and wine producers of “new wave” (Pavel Shvets, Yevgeniy Shnayderis, Oleg Repin) as well as private winemakers of Odessa region (Vasilyi Zhyvora, Ivan Dimov, Vyacheslav Kirov) and Zakarpattia region (Alexander Kovach, Vasiliy Antalovsky).

The following persons participated in the exhibition grand opening ceremony: Konstantin Rzhepishevsky, Head of Representative Office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Tatiana Markova, Head of Department of Culture and Tourism of Odessa City Council, Viktor Zagoruyko, Deputy Director of Scholarly Work in the National Institute of Grapes and Wine “Magarach”, Galina Bezikovich, Head of the Boards of NGO «Agency of Regional Development», Igor Pomerantsev, wine critic, writer, broadcaster, Vladislav Vlasov, director of National Scientific Centre «V.Y.Tairov Institutue of Viticulture and Wine Production, Yuri Chumachenko, executive director of the company “Expo-Yug-Service”, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor of Odessa National Academy of Food Technology.

Winners of 13th International Tasting Contest “Odessa Gulf” happened to be one more revelation within exhibition. Awards to the representatives of wine-producing companies of Ukraine, Belarus, Republic of Moldova, Georgia were solemnly delivered on the stage of Concert and Exhibition Complex of Odessa Sea Commercial Port (“showcase” of the contests’ winners were presented within the exhibition exposition).

Medals of the contest (big golden, golden, silver and bronze medals) will assist consumers in determining the wines quality both based on the price criterion and organoleptic properties of beverages, highly appreciated by the members of the tasting commission of 13th International Tasting Contest “Odessa Gulf”.

Wines of controlled nominations on origin (wines CNO) were core elements of the exhibition scientific event – International Forum of Wine Producers and Oenologists “Formation of National Quality Control System for Wine Production”. Wines of CNO will contribute to demonstrating originality of the national product, rising Ukrainian wines to the level of popular world wines. Wines “Shabo” were the first to gain the status of CNO wines. Yuri Shelekhov, First Deputy General Director of OOO PTC “Shabo” stated: “It is very significant exhibition for our company as we have achieved enormous success. It can be evidenced by our wines gaining controlled nominations on origin in December, 2012. These wines were presented at the present tasting……”

Additionally, within International Forum experts-winegrowers under the guidance of winemakers and oenologists discussed the issues of ampeloecological evaluation of the territories as the foundations of the wine quality control system, conducted study of global experience of the wine-producing countries: wine quality control system in the countries of the Old and New World, peculiarities of quality control system of Ukrainian wine products, environmental aspects of producing CNO wines.

Today, the interest is growing to the original samples of the bottles and other containers: “Exhibitions and experience of liquor producers contribute to the development of the market. Exhibitions and liquor producers promote their goods with the help of exclusive package” – Tatiana Chabanets declared. Tatiana Chabanets is Director of Ukrainian Centre of Innovations, Patent and Informational Services, Tatiana Chabanets delivered report titled “Protection of Intellectual Property of Enterprise”.

Within the framework of exhibition scientific work was supplemented with the practical seminars of the companies “Biomaster” and “Lallemand Incorporated”. Alexander Sukhomlinov, director of the company “ShimUkraine” held presentation devoted to the topic «Application of Chromatographic and Spectral Equipment for Quality Control of Wine Products”. Maria Skorchenko from the company «Biomaster» presented “Elaborations of “Institute of Champagne Oenology”. Eduard Lorda and Nenad Maslek, Oenologists from France and Croatia, held presentation and tasting of finished wines and controlled samples within practical seminar of the company “Lallemand Incorporated” titled «Use of Preparations on the Basis of the inactivated yeast”. 

The seminars were attended by 40 hearers including representatives of production and trading companies as well as distributor’s companies: “Zolotaya Amfora”, Champagne Factory of Artyomovsk city “Artyomovsk Winery”, OOO “Shabo”, “Ampelos”, OOO “Byuro Vin” (GoodWine), “Invest Plus”.

Central event of the exhibition in 2013 – tasting showroom Wine Expert – 3 days of studying wine etiquette, tastings of the wines-exhibits of the contest winners «Odessa Bay» under the guidance of Anatoliy Malinovsky, wine expert and critic and Oksana Tkachenko, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department «Technologies of Wine and Oenology» ONAFT, member of jury of international tasting contests. The guest of the showroom was Igor Serdyuk, wine expert, critic, joiurnalist «Forbes», project curator of vinoteka.ru (Moscow city, Russia). 

The idea of the project consists in the wine expert’s relaying knowledge to the participants of showroom: how to evaluate wine with the help of 5 senses (eyesight, taste, smelling, and sense of touch, hearing), how to learn to choose wine and culture of its consumption, how to sort out the wine and wine accessories. Wine glasses ТМ “Schott Zwiesel” and other accessories were provided by the partner of the tasting showroom of the company “Mirs”. Tasting showroom will be closed after awarding Degree of “Wine Expert” Entry-Level and awarding certificates to 16 participants of the first stage of tasting showroom.

Innovations of cultural program of the exhibition was event gathering young and older generation of winemakers. Diverse generations met owing to the meeting of alumni-winemaker of Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies (ONAFT) having graduated in diverse years – winemakers working in the field of wine production, The aforementioned meeting was organized by the company «Expo-Yug-Service» and Soyuz Vypusknikov, ONAFT. Within this meeting Yelena Tuvichenko being the leading young winemaker from the company «Beikush Winery» informed colleagues about production of the wines «White» and «Rose» and held its tastings. Anatoly Ivananeko, professor of the Department “Technologies of the Equipment for Food Production” ONAFT, was congratulated on his 88th anniversary when drinking “professional glass of wine”. 

Hedonistic pleasure of drinking the wine was supplemented with esthetic please afforded by the exposition «PhotoVintage 2013». Expositions of wines and stands of ethnic cuisines (Georgian and Turkish) harmonized with enogastronomic tastings of Georgian meals from the restaurant «Khizhyna» and wines of ТМ «Badagoni». 

Exhibition “Wine and Wine Production” ended after unique meeting with Igor Serduyk and Igor Pomerantsev. Above all wine critics, creative persons, Igor Serduyk and Igor Pomerantsev told about wine and art, books about wine , their journalistic activity, roles of the prominent persons – Arnold from Villanov and Knostantin Frank in the formation of wine culture.

Wine served on the inauguration dinner in honor of Barak Obama in 2013 was produced in New York State with the contribution of Konstantin Frank having arrived from Odessa to the USA in 1951. When mentioning the successes of our compatriots, it should be made emphasis on the fact that it can still be revealed potential of many Ukrainian wine producers from Odessa region! You will be provided with the opportunity to get information about their new achievements at 14th International Exhibition “Wine and Winemaking. High Degree”!



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