Spend the most delicious weekends!

On November 1-2, 2014 wine and food festival “Taki da, vkusno” will be held at Odessa Film Studio.

Exhibits of restaurants, cafe, confectionaries and bakeries, wine manufacturers and wine merchants.

On sale:

• Wine and other alcoholic beverages

• Culinary products

• Confectioners, desserts

• Coffee, tea, chocolate

Event program:

• Special tastings “Mystery of Black Glass”

• Enogastronomic master classes “WINE EXPERT”

• Art project “Wine Portrait”

• Culinary master classes for adults and children

• Contest of Odessa Forshmaks

• Contest of Journalists “Wine Critic”

Main Highlight of Festival

Exhibits will be decorated with authentic decorations consisting of popular motion-picture films of Odessa Film Studio. Visitors will have opportunity to taste the best meals of Odessa cookery specialists and wine-makers in the environment of movies “Green Van”, “Venue Cannot Be Changed”, “Take Care of Women”, “Three Musketeers”, “Return of Budulay”, “Nonscheduled Train” in company of characters of these legendary movies.

For children at festival - diverse activities: games, contests decorated with photo sessions to favorite children’s movies, for example, “Adventures of Electronik”.

Program also includes open-air exhibition of film fragments, shot at Odessa Film Studio, karaoke contest, concert program, riding segways and etc.

“Taki da, vkusno” - atmosphere of kindness and taste of life.



Wine Expert Group

With the Support of:

Odessa Film Studio

Exhibition Company “Expo-Yug-Service”

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