Type of participation

In 2016, the festival “Taki da, vkusno” has its special theme, each festival accentuates something new.

During the season a lot of new ideas and directions will be implemented. We are confident that, as true professional, you will be interested in culinary competitions and the art of cookery, which are included to the program. Participate, show yourself to the world.

Type of provided products we kindly ask to select considering the theme.


Bonus for participants: 

Placement of participants’ various information and promotional materials on social network web-pages of the festival “Taki da, vkusno”, and on official web-site. It can be updated menu, information regarding establishment/product, pictures, videos, announcement of menu/product, etc. that participants can present during the festival.


Type of participation:

1. Exposition area up to 6 sq. m. (additional area over 6 sq. m. is paid extra)

2. In absentia participation:

- Distribution of promotional materials on the territory of the festival among participants and visitors;

- Placement of outdoor advertisement on the territory of the festival;

- Advertising on festival’s radio: 5 advertisements a day, duration up to 1 minute.


To participate in the festival you need to fill out application online, and submit a request to participate in the festival.

More information: +38 (048) 777-60-68, 728-60-68