Festival “Taki da, vkusno” (“Really, it is yummy!”) is large restaurant and gastronomic project, which includes both specialized, and consumer segments.

In the frames of the project “Taki da, vkusno” four key areas are developing:

First area – restaurant and gastronomic market, large food court.

Second area – programs for professionals, conduction of vocational competitions, contests and master-classes.

Third area – family holiday: parents bring children to the festival; territory for children’s games and entertainment is operating permanently. Many visitors spend the whole day at the festival having relaxation on fresh air within green zone.

Fourth area – entertainment: live music, dances, show-programs, games, prize drawings and quizzes.

In 2016, the festival “Taki da, vkusno” has its special theme, each festival accentuates something new.



Organizers prepared lottery of different valuable prizes for guests “Ciao winter!” festival, and “Really, it is yummy! Cheese fuss” food courts


We say goodbye to winter, meet spring, and organize happening on this occasion on 20-21 February, at the festival “Ciao winter!”


Festival “Really, it is yummy!” each time is held with new thematic gastronomic accent. This time Cheese is the emphasis of each participant’s menu



Taki da, vkusno. Gastronomic Tourism, April 25-26, 2015