days to the event

Novelties and Special Offers from Exhibition Participants


American Beauty International

On the first day of exhibition, on November 13, 2014, all CND products will be offered at 5% discount

Beauty-Company, Nail Esthetics School of Marina Marchenko

15% discount is offered to all customers within exhibition

CLARENA, official mission of Clarena in Ukraine

  • Slump of Prices for Devices
  • Discount Quiz


Facial Care Master Class (mask-lifting) – cost 100 UAH

Company Depilax

Special offer! 10% discount for sugar paste Depilax, body care cosmetics


Wholesalers are offered 50% discount

Magic Beauty

  • Gel-Nail Polish Perfect Match – 155 UAH
  • Foundation and top for gel-nail polish Perfect Match – 180 UAH
  • Gel-Nail Polish Gelish – from125 UAH


20% discount for all products


Wholesale prices and 30% - 50% off discounts for products to be presented within exhibition


Prize draw: lipstick, three-in-one mascara (volume, length, curling), liner

Hair Factory Vip-Hair

  • Free Hair Extension at Exhibition (upon purchase of hair at our company).
  • Hair Extension Master Class.


Upon purchase of any commodity at a price no lower than 20 UAH , you’ll receive 250 ml body lotion as a present


Constant special offers and discounts are offered on the stand of the company Kaetana

A.P.Komarov, PE , SWAY

Upon purchase of straight scissors you are offered 15 % off discount for thinning scissors


From 01.10.2014 Renew introduces new more beneficial conditions for Bonus program of constant customers’ remuneration – 5% bonus upon each purchase. Since October 15, 2014 prices will be reduced permanently by 15-25% for third part of Renew product assortment.

Yantarika and Naklei-ka

On the days of exhibition, products of Yantarika and Naklei-ka will be offered  at 10% discount


Beauty-Company, Nail Esthetics School of Marina Marchenko

Forms, brushes, gel-nail polishes, simulation system

Beyond Ukraine, official mission of larena, Norel, hantarelle, DermaOxy in Ukraine

  • Shantarel/(Poland/France) – brand of professional dermatological cosmetics. 
  • Norel/ (Poland) – professional facial and body care cosmetics.

CLARENA, official mission of Clarena in Ukraine

  1. 7-day pre-peeling preparation with ferulic, shikimic and lactic acids.
  2. Powder surface peelings:
  • Ferulic Acid + Vit C;
  • Shikimic Acid + G;
  • Cream for Post-Peeling Care;
  • Mandelic Acid + Retinol in Liposomes;
  • Pyroracemic Acid + Salicylic Acid in liposomes;
  • Shikimic Acid + Lactic Acids.

Company Depilax

Novelties offered by Depilax – sugar pastes of White and Tropica Series. Innovative pastes on the basis of simple sugars to be used by professionals. They ensure unusual adhesion and plasticity during long time. Depilation will become safer and gentler.

E.MI, Nail Design School of Ekaterina Miroshnichenko

  • Glossemi – gel paints for nonferrous castings
  • For masters-newcomers we offer Brush “Linear” KZL-5/0
  • Protective Dull Gel and Protective Glazed Gel E.Mi 
  • Catalogue “Zhostovo Floral Painting on Metal Lacquer Trays”
  • Renewed Catalogue “Effect of Krakeliur and Ethnic Prints” 
  • New tinctures of foil
  • Stickers for decoupage “Voluminous Vintage”

High Esthetic Cosmetology UA

Refinisher Pomme de vie – concentrate of growth factors directly impacting on recovery properties of human organism, on all layers of epidermis and true skin

Magic Beauty

New autumn collection of gel nail polishes Perfect Match, lamp SMD LED LeChat 42WT, diluents for gel nail polishes GELOS, PRO - TEC – two-in-one coverage for gel nail polishes

Company Real Professional

Gel-paint and gel-paste Real Professional


  • More than 70 types of professional brushes for make-up
  • Primer – foundation for make-up
  • Powder - corrector
  • Face-paint - corrector


Italian brand of professional decorative cosmetics for make-up artists and for women wishing to obtain better result. HD effect, lightness of textures, innovative rejuvenating complex, and each product includes care components  

Manicure Academy of Irina Amrosieva

Bio gel Amro – it is easily applied and removed; guarantee is 4 weeks

Afrodita GROUP

  • nnaelle (USA) – based on safety, efficiency and innovation.
  • Mesolab (France).
  • MESOcosmetics + MESOtherapy



Company Global Cosmetic

BIOTONALE – the newest French laboratorial elaborations on the basis of nanotechnologies. Collection of the firm: alginate masks, cleansers, massage (Fucogel® revolution in moisturizing), bio- cellulose nano-fiber masks – new solution of contemporary bio-technologies for professional care


“10 in 1” immediate-action multi-spray offered by «ING»


  • Ampouled concentrates 
  • Line “Aniutiny Glazki”
  • Line “Chocolate Alginate Masks”

A.P. Komarov., PE, SWAY

Newly designed scissors SWAY


Company “Renew-Ukraine” presented revolutionary peptidic novelties elaborated by Jewish laboratory O.S.A Cosmetics – “Cream-Filler for Intensive Correction of Aging Changes” and “Multi-Peptidic Lifting Refinisher”


Manicure agnail cutting pliers -03. Cutting pliers “STALEX” are sharpened perfectly: they do not pull and do not cling cut skin

NPE Dzhaner Chaglar

Revolution in manicure! Keratic manicure without water! 100% hygiene, natural care with phyto-keratin and copal oil. NMP – safe method of manicure and pedicure ensuring 100% hygiene and containing active natural components

Training Center Shleif

  • New tinctures of gel-nail polishes Kodi professional
  • New series of eye-lashes Elite, Ultra Light & Soft offered by VIVIENNE