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Participants Feedback

We thank you for the effective advertisement in mass media! Exhibition is SUPER!

Anna Vorobyova, Director of Premium Cosmetics


We thank organizers of Style & Beauty a lot for good atmosphere, professional organization, thank you that you exist!

Irina Bogachenko, Head of Rich Hair


Organization and conduction of exhibition was at a top professional level. We thank you for the opportunity of participation

Olga Isakova, Director of Colors of Life


Everything was held to a high standard! It should be noted good organization, excellent advertisement, professional visitors. 

Marina Marchenko, Head of Beauty Company


It is very comfortable here, perfect location was chosen. 

Marina Yerebakan , Director of Sales, Mary Kay


It should be noted proper preparation and organization, great flow of visitors

Maxim Matskevich, Administrator of Valmarket


Organization has been organized at worthy level

Alexander Churko, representative of KAGA


Good Job! Efficient Advertisement! It should noted good organization, professional visitors. 

Valeria Bakalenko, Head of the Company «Vitesse»


Active attendance is observed, advertizing campaign of exhibition was conducted to a high standard. We wish you to progress each year! Thank you for pleasant association!

Yelena Vivtanets, Administrator of SPA Belle


We are satisfied with everything. Thank you very much! We wish you prosperity

Irina Odazhynik, Head of Hair Studio Flex Extension


Thank you very much! Exhibition atmosphere is perfect!

Alla Kateriniuk, specialist of Kleoderma


Organizers should be scored 5 points for preparation to the exhibition! Attraction of specialists to the exhibition as visitors should also be scored 5 points! P.S.: Wonderful city! Perfect venue of the event! Thank you very much!

Marina Romanova, marketing manager of the company «Healthy Way», ТМ SHER COSMETICS


It should be noted organization of the exhibition, pleasant servicing, and advertising support of the exhibition

Natalie Shybinskaya, Head of the Company Adore the natural Cosmetics


Exhibition Style & Beauty is very convenient and efficient platform for communication, exchange of experience and various masters’ novelties as well as place of companies’ presentations offering their goods to the masters of salon business. Thus company «Garmoniya Krasoty» has been actively participating at this exhibition for 15 years. It should be noted vigorous support of mass media, proper organization, and wonderful reception standing. Thank you.

Ekaterina Kondrasheva, administrator of the shop «Garmoniya Krasoty»


This year it has been opened representative office of the company Estel Professional in Odessa and accordingly we are participating in the exhibition in Odessa city….. We are glad to participate in such exhibition as it is marked by perfect organization, well disposed people, interested visitors, and special zest of Odessa!

Yelena Yaroshovets , manager of the company Estel Professional in southern region


Our company participates in this exhibition more than one year. We are pleased to participate in the exhibition as above all it is acquaintance with our direct customers and people who we receive definite result, feedback on our products from .…. Above all exhibitions ensure new partners finding who at long last offer our product in Ukraine professionally and to the highest standard. We are glad to participate in the exhibition.

Yelena Voronova, methodologist of professional cosmetics centre Elitecosmetic


We participated in the exhibitions Style & Beauty on numerous occasions. Each exhibition ensures opportunity both for meeting with our old colleagues and establishing contacts with prospective new colleagues. At the exhibition we can present our new products and such advertizing is highly reasonable. Participation in the exhibition is holiday for us and our visitors.

Oksana Vorontsova, Director of the Company Atelier-A


These events are sure to be in high-demand due to gathering target audience interested in novelties… These exhibitions have to be held. Only within such exhibitions professionals might be truly gathered, all target audience might receive important information, find something new, and provide novelties for their customers … Only here we can demonstrate what novelties we can offer to the mainstream audience and how to make people more beautiful!

Alexander Yefremchenkov, Head of the Company «Iskusstvo Krasoty»


First and foremost, exhibition is communication of specialists, communication with each other, and communication with training specialists of the companies. You are sure to get more information about something new, about new nuances of using diverse methods in applying hardware-based methods, cosmetic preparations … Thus, exhibitions are held for purchasing goods but also communicating with colleagues, finding different sorts of things, for gaining information and starting to apply it in daily practical work.

Renata Vovchuk, training and consultation center «INSIGHT»


We progress every day after each exhibition every year. We have been on the market of Odessa for six years and this is our sixth exhibition Style & Beauty, however every day it improves … This is new sort of advertisement, we take notice of new representatives, new participants, new customers and improvement of exhibition organization every year! We are grateful to the organizers of this exhibition! It is important that this year in the exhibition Style & Beauty held in November we gained new customers, exhibition was marked by new visitors and they are visitors of master salons. It is highly significant for our masters having arrived here…all they received free invitations, it is important for them and we thank organizers of exhibition Style & Beauty for it!

Irina Bogachenko, Head of Rich Hair


Professional exhibition is always place for meeting of specialists, searching novelties and being ready for developing. As a rule, all they come to the exhibition as it is the only location where they can meet. We are here today to invite stylists and customers from our city to get to know about new brands including Patrice Beaute, KUUL – two brands from ecologically-safe company «Beaute Naturelle» that reflects our philosophy inferring natural professional products. We bring them to our city and inform about presence of these products at the exhibition.

We demonstrate coiffures and hair-cuts, tendencies of hair dyeing, we’ve invited very popular Kiev stylist, lecturer of university. His name is Yevgeniy Kalkatov. He is pleased to inform and demonstrate Odessites many interesting works non-stop.

Elvira Privalova, world-class master, Head of International School of Hairstyling “Elvira Privalova“


First advantage consists in exhibition’s being regional and covering both Odessa city and Odessa region… There are many people here, big audience including target audience, both from Odessa city and Odessa region. We are grateful to organizers of the exhibition who have done a good job… This is good opportunity for establishing ourselves in this large region … We are expecting sales, establishment of new contacts, new interesting partnership relations with salons, clinics… We’ve gathered great deal of contacts’ information, we’ve already held several presentations devoted to each device; we’ve already conducted master classes on pressure therapy …

Yuliya Versal, Head of Integrated Company BTL


We regularly participate at the exhibition with good offers, constant systems of discounts that we usually do not make. Additionally, at the exhibition, we constantly conduct master classes free of charge that contribute to masters’ improving qualifications, coming to the stand, getting to know more about products, testing it because when purchasing them it is sometimes difficult to understand what one purchases. Thus, exhibition will provide considerable discounts, perfect offers on increasing qualifications; one can ask questions free of charge and certainly test products that they will work subsequently with.

For 7 years we have been regularly participating and attending all exhibitions that were held. It should be noted that every year results improve; organizers of the exhibition conduct it very correctly, understandably for our company as we represent training centre – constant number of students…. While attending our stand at the exhibition and familiarizing with our products many interested people come for studying at our training centre as training is held by certified trainers…. who award international diplomas. Exhibition is sure to ensure great number of prospective students.

Irina Klapsha, Head of Training Center «Victory»


We observed here so many people, found many new salons presented here, many new masters interested in buying our products. We were agreeably surprised with exhibition!

Yana Labunskaya, Head of Odessa Branch Office of Cosmo-Trade


The audience is wonderful, there are many customers, many people interested in hardware medical pedicure being masters and actually consumers. Consumers address us wishing to solve some problems, consult master, wishing to pass competent training, to be shown and clarified some aspects. 

In my opinion, organization of exhibition was conducted to a high standard. The areas were planned very properly, the partners were chosen very correctly so that everything could be held in accordance with particular approach, and advertisement was very efficient as many customers came having seen advertisements and having flyers. 

Yuliya Kapitsa, Director of Training Centre Viji


Exhibition assists in conducting exchange of experience with customers as when working at stand, we can demonstrate some new technologies, novelties of cosmetics, new kinds of make-up, people have opportunity of coming up, examining and asking questions, we answer to them. It happens that one can come up to the neighboring stand, see and get information about novelties that might arouse interest.

When cosmetic jar is on the shop window it says about nothing. However, when person has opportunity of applying it and monitoring effects, what impact cosmetics has on people, what it looks like, it undoubtedly stimulates sales. 

Irina Shevchuk, Leading Make-Up Artist of Academy of Style the BESt


That’s out of question, when working non-stop with our master classes and informing about their products, their wonderful products, there is opportunity of sensing texture, hearing aroma, looking at how it spreads on the hair. Undoubtedly, it stimulates my colleagues for coming and understanding what brand it is and what one can work with….. 

We appreciate that people working with us are active enough and there are hairdressers and barbers! 

Alyona Al-Shaer, technologist ТМ CHI