VI Odessa International Festival
Korneychukovsky Festival of Children's Literature
September 8-9


Odessa Korneychukovskyi International Festival of Children's Literature dates back to 2012. It is the largest and the only Ukrainian festival entirely dedicated to children's literature and creativity.

Festival has 2 main tasks:

- promotion of children's literary and artistic creativity;

- promotion of children's literature created by adults.

Main goals – popularization of literature and children's reading, education of art and aesthetic taste, talent identification and support in their promotion. During the year Organization Committee of Korneychukovskyi festival is conducting various children events and programs, which promote book and readings (such as Korneychukovskyi meetings, children fest «Magic tree» etc.).

The main content of the festival is conduction of literature and art contests:

- International Contest on the best work for children «Korneychukovskyi Award» among Ukrainian and foreign writers, who create their works in Ukrainian and Russian (over 18);

- Contest of children’s literature art «Sea of Talents» (age 6-18);

- Competition on children’s digital picture «iParus» (age 6-8).

Members of committee that award prices are well-known and respected literators, literary critics, editors, bibliographers, painters and cultural figures.

Contest phases are held from October to July, and awarding of the winners and the final part of Korneychukovskyi festival – the most mass and vivid – is held in August, in the frames of International Book Fair «Green Wave».

During its existence Korneychukovskyi Festival united more than 4000 children authors from Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia, Latvia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Slovakia and USA; more than 2000 literary gifted children and teenagers from different Ukrainian regions; more than 400 young painters from different cities of Ukraine, who create digital book illustrations.

Literary competitions of Korneychukovskyi festival – are an opportunity for adults and children to express themselves as writers; works of winners of the contest attract attention of publishers, and it provides new opportunities for authors.

Winners of the contest «Korneychukovsky Award» receive cash prizes. Winners the contest of children’s literary works «Sea of talents», and children digital picture competition «iParus» - get prizes and presents.

On results of every contest «Korneychukovskyi Award» miscellanea and «Sea of talents» almanac are published – coffee-table books, which are distributed absolutely free among schools and libraries of the city and region.

The works of the winners of Korneychukovskyi Festival are also published in literary miscellanies and other periodicals.

In the frames of Korneychukovsky Festival, on the platform of the "Green Wave" children book festivals also take place, as well as performances, meetings with writers, artists, presentations of new books, and more. Atmosphere of Korneychukovsky Festival is always filled with the spirit of creativity, celebration, sincerity and kindness.

In 2016, around 2 400 authors of the age 6-60 years participated in IV Odessa International Korneychukovskyi festival of children’s literature. - IV Contest on the best work for children «Korneychukovskyi Award» among Ukrainian and foreign writers (over 18).

Totally 982 works were submitted to the contest by authors from Kyiv, Kyiv region, Dnepr, Lvov, Kharkov, Kharkov region, Chernigov, Odessa, Zhitomir region, Cherkassy region, Kropivnitskyi region, Kherson, Kamenskyi, Ivano-Frankovsk, Nikolayev. Foreign participants were from Israel, Latvia, USA, Byelorussia and Russia.

- V Contest of children’s literary art «Sea of Talents» (age 6-18).

Totally 415 works were submitted during the contest. Participants were children and young people at the age of 6-18 years as from Odessa and Odessa region (in main nominations), so and from Vinnitsa, Dnepr, Kyiv, Kropivnitskyi region, Lvov region, Nikolayev, Kherson, Cherkassy (nomination «Guest of the contest»).

- IV Competition on children’s digital picture «iParus».

Totally 900 works were submitted during the contest. Participants were children and young people at the age of 6-18 years as from Odessa and Odessa region, so and from Dnepr, Kyiv, Nikolayev, Kharkov, Kherson.

XX International Book Fair «Green Wave» took place with support of State committee of television and broadcasting of Ukraine, Ukrainian association of publishers and book distributors, and Odessa city council.