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VI specialized exposition “Diving Expo. Odessa” will be presented in April 7-9, 2011 in the Sea Port of Odessa.

It has become a good tradition that the project is supported by the Federation of underwater sport and underwater activity of Ukraine, which in 2010 presented all the workings out, achievements and plans for the next year on its own stand. 

General informational partner of the “Diving Expo.Odessa” project – the magazine about underwater world “Neptune”.

In 2010 exposition “Diving Expo. Odessa” had become the zone of increasing attention among the visitors of the exhibition. In a kind of constant growth of demand for rendering of consulting services, instructing and special equipment, this year was noted also by exposition’s growth. The companies from Odessa and Kiev presented the services. It is a pleasure to notice that the Crimean divers also imparted their experience.

Within the limits of “Diving Expo. Odessa” were represented all main directions of diving: 

- education and certification (dive-clubs “Lamantin”, “Tactical Diving”, “Kalipso”, Federation of underwater sport and underwater activity);

- producers and dealers  of equipment for diving (“Laboratory of underwater technologies”, “Black Sea Engineering Company”);

- informational support (magazine about underwater world – “Neptune”);

- exposition of paintings by the experienced diver and the member of the dive-club “Lamantin” Aleksandr Belozor.

The project was rich on the specialized events spent both by participants on their stands, and the invited visitors. So, for the first time in Odessa, the presentation of the Program “New eco-technologies for revival of fish stocks and development of resort business for the Black Sea” and the Round table “Movement “Artificial reefs” in Ukraine - for fishermen, divers and businessmen”. The organizer of this event was the Russian noncommercial Fund “Artificial Reefs” in the name of its president - Sergey Fedotov (Russia, Moscow). The given actions have united all not indifferent to the problems of pollution of the sea, washing away of beaches, sea-shore protection and also the possibilities of fulfillment of fascinating underwater travel in the waters of native Black Sea. Among the participants of the round table there were representatives of administration of Odessa and Yalta, business (fishing, yachts, diving centers, beaches, building and real estate of the coastal strip, advertising and PR), ecological organizations and services of Ukraine and Russia, youth organizations and research establishments.

The interest to this event and the positive tendencies, received by the participants of the round table in a consequence, had become the reason of this tradition continuation. And in 2011 considerable expansion of mentioned themes and invited visitors is planned.

The great interest was caused by the meeting with Maxim Krivonos, GUE diver, the progressive international training and research organization in the field of diving GlobalUnderwater Explorers, GUE diver of TEC2 and Cave 1 level. The visitors of the exhibition had the possibility to get acquainted with the principles of modern DIR-diving widely introduced in practice of underwater GUE immersing. And also you’ll get not deformed representations about the correct configuration of equipment, base principles of safety of DIR-diving and many other interesting things.

 “Laboratory of underwater technologies” had traditionally offered visitors last novelties in the field of equipment for diving. Besides, all representatives of the given company, being professionals from a capital letter, practicing divers, participants of diving works on the sunk objects, with pleasure imparted experience also knowledge with those who has already earned the loud name in the field of diving, and with those who only is going to begin training which offers dive-club “Kalipso”. 

On the stand of the “Black Sea Engineering Company” it was possible to familiarize and get the equipment necessary for technical diving. 

In spite of the fact that our compatriots still prefer to dive in transparent Indian Ocean or Red Rea, the richest on picturesque inhabitants, true patriots of our seas – skilled instructors-researchers from the "Laboratory of underwater technologies” and Federation of underwater sport and underwater activity of Ukraine – are always ready to show and prove that waters of any sea store plenty of interesting things and don't cease to surprise those who knows what to search there!

And it means that interest to diving will steadily grow up, as causes aspiration of the companies to present the production and services on the exhibition project “DivingExpo.Odessa”. We, in turn, aspire to make all necessary for that this meeting became mutually advantageous and interesting for both parties!

We’ll be glad to see you among participants and visitors of the exhibition of 2011!



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