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International Forum of winemakers and enologists
February 2017


The Role of Personality in the Wine Culture

“Forest tastes as mushrooms, sea tastes as fish but what about the sun? That’s true: it tastes as wine. “Wine culture vegetates in the regions deprived from the sun,” – by saying it Igor Pomerantsev (poet, prose writer, journalist of the radio “Svoboda”, author of  the books “Krasnoye Sukhoye” and “Vinny Lavki”) launched his creative meeting with Igor Serdyukov (wine expert, critic, journalist «Forbes», project curator vinoteka.ru (Moscow, Russia)) at the exhibition «Wine and Wine Production». The emphasis of the speech of Igor Pomerantsev was made on the fact that Odessa is sunny land of prosperous wine production that is why the exhibition “Wine and Wine Production” has been held for thirteen years.

Meetings with wine connoisseurs followed the conduction of the exhibition «Wine and Wine Production» on the last day of its work, on February 9, 2013. Wine critics and above all creative personalities, Igor Serdyuk and Igor Pomerantsev told about wine and art, books about wine, role of personality in the wine culture and their journalistic activity. 

Igor Pomerantsev told about Konstantin Frank describing him as a well-known person for having made great contribution into development of the wine culture. Konstantin Frank was Odessa citizen by birth. Owing to Konstantin Frank wine industry gained prosperity in the USA, inasmuch as he was experienced and qualified in growing the grapes under the conditions of the rigorous climate, he gained this knowledge and experience in Odessa region!

Igor Serdiuk made emphasis on the fact the destiny of Konstantin Frank can be regarded as proper basis for the plot the novel or story. Igor Serdiuk also told about another person worth attention, Arnold from Villanovy who was pharmacist and medical worker. For purposes of making organism healthier he prescribed diverse aromatized wines. In 1285 he elaborated method of distilling wine vapors. His method has been used in the wine production successfully up to now aimed at producing port wine, Madeira wine and Cherry wine.

Arnold from Villanovy and Konstantin Frank are outstanding figures of the past. The role of viticulturist, winemaker, wine critic and wine expert is also important in the process of contemporary wine production. Therefore it is no wonder that exhibition “Wine and Wine Production” where one can meet diverse persons concerned including winemakers – specialists, wine producers, elite of scientific community, oenologists, sommeliers, wine critics, experts and restaurateurs came to close after meeting with important personalities of the contemporary wine culture namely Igor Serdiuk and Igor Pomerantsev.

At the end of creative meeting the visitors asked questions at honored guests of the exhibition “Wine and Wine Production”. Igor Pomerantsev signed books “Krasnoye Sukhoe” and “Vinny Lavki” purchased by visitors.