International Forum of winemakers and enologists
February 2017



The first wine tasting showroom in Ukraine titled  «Wine Expert 2013» was held on February 7-9, 2013 during the exhibition «Wine and Winemaking» in the Concert and Exhibition Hall of Odessa Sea Commercial Port. 16 persons have been awarded by the degree «Wine Expert» Entry-Level within 3 days.

Tasting showroom «Wine Expert 2013» was held for the first time in Ukraine and became core event of the exhibition «Wine and Winemaking». Within «Wine Expert 2013» well-known wine experts taught wine etiquette and art of tasting, selection of wines and wine accessories. Wine glasses from ТМ «Schott Zwiesel» were provided by the partner of tasting showroom - company “Mirs”. 

Wine tasting involving 5 senses: eyesight, taste, sense of smell, sense of touch, hearing and comparison of the tasted samples with the model samples were held under the guidance of Anatoly Malinvsky, wine expert and critic and Oksana Tkachenko, doctor of engineering sciences, associate professor of the Department “Technologies of Wine and Oenology” ONAFT, member of jury of international tasting contests. The guest of the showroom was Igor Serduyk, wine expert, critic and journalist of the magazine “Forbes”, project curator of (Moscow city, Russia). 

On holding the test with the purpose to determine the wine type in the black glass showroom came to the end: “People living in Odessa love and understand wine! The type of wine poured into the liquid-tight glasses was easily guessed by the participants of the master classes – Igor Serduyk commented.

Certificate «Wine Expert» was awarded to 16-year old participants of the first stage of the tasting showroom 2013 who put all efforts in order to be awarded by the degree of entry level. Igor Serduyk addressed the possessors of the certificates: «You can make proper steps further, confident steps toward the wine learning and informing other people, consumers, nation about the knowledge». 

You will have new opportunity of increasing your level of wine connoisseur at the next showroom «Wine Expert»!