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International Forum of winemakers and enologists
February 2017


With the Professional Glass of Wine

February is not only traditional time of holding the exhibitions “Wine and Wine Production” but also the time of alumni reunion weekend. The Alumni Reunion Weekend of Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies bringing together the alumni of different years graduation was organized by the company “Expo-Yug-Service” and Soyuz Vypusknikov ONAFT and became the innovation of the exhibition “Wine and Wine Production” alongside with the tasting showroom “Wine Expert 2013” as well as the innovation of the cultural program having assisted in bringing together the specialists-winemakers of different years graduation.

On the 8th of February, 2013 young and older generation of the winemakers met in the conference hall of the exhibition “Wine and Wine Production” within the alumni reunion weekend bringing together alumni who graduated in different years from the faculty “Technology of Wine, Preserved Food and Merchandising Technique” ONAFT.

Yelena Tuvichenko being leading young winemaker of the new wine-producing industry “Beikush Winery” with the vineyards located on the coast of Beikush Bay told colleagues about the process of producing “White” and “Rose” wine. In addition, Yelena Tuvichenko conducted the sampling of wines produced by the wine-producing company “Beikush Winery”.  Anatoliy Vladimirovich Ivanenko being professor of the department “Technologies of Equipment of Food Production” ONAFT was congratulated on 88th anniversary while taking “professional glass of wine”.

We hope that new generations will preserve the tradition of meeting together at the exhibition “Wine and Wine Production”, tasting the product, produced by the colleagues who graduated from the higher educational establishment and have the same occupation as well as discussing the opportunities and prospects of Ukrainian wine production while drinking the “professional glass of wine”.