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International Forum of winemakers and enologists
February 2017


It has been formed the program of International Forum of Winemakers and Oenologists «Formation of the National System of the Wine Products Quality Control» which will take place on February 7, 2013 in at Odessa Sea Commercial Port within the Exhibition «Wine and Winemaking».

Principal Topics of the Forum:

- Formation of the National System of the Wine Products Quality Control

- Ampeloecological assessment areas - the basis of the Wine Products Quality Control

- Authenticity and the geographical origin of wines and distillates

- Environmental aspects of controlled wines in Moldova

- System of the Wine Products Quality Control in the Old and New Worlds.


Detailed Programme of the Forum - www.expodessa.com/english/conf_wine/programm


For registration and participation, please contact Angeline Sovit:

ph: +38 (048) 777-60-68, 728-60-68

e-mail: lina@expodessa.od.ua


Register to participate in the Forum: www.expodessa.com/english/conf_wine/register

To get on-line invitation to the exhibition "Wine and Winemaking": www.expodessa.com/english/wine/guest/invitation