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International Forum of winemakers and enologists
February 2017


The First Wine Tasting ShowRoom «Wine Expert 2013»

Offer a person a glass and the way he would take it 

   you’ll understand if he/she is an expert or not  

French oenologist Émile Peynaud


The aromas of peach and black current, heady clove or dried fruit – you can enjoy the tasting variety of the wines and reveal the secrets of the wine tasting in the interactive form during the first wine tasting showroom «Wine Expert 2013» (exhibition «Wine and Wine Production», on February, 7- 9, 2013, in the Concert and Exhibition Hall of Odessa Commercial Sea Port). 

Wine Showroom lasting for an hour and a half, will raise the awareness of the participants of tasting art:

1. The use of all five sense organs instead of three traditional sense organs for organoleptic evaluation. There were singled out three stages of the tasting in France: «eye» (oeil), «noseс» (nez), «mouth» (bouche). The ears and skin are also included within tasting showroom!

2. Teaching the tasting art and promotion of the wine drinking culture in the format of the show.

3. The comparison of the tasted wine aroma with the standard aromas. 

4. Awarding the certificate “Wine Expert 2013” on participation in three tastings and in the checking test. 

You can be awarded by the certificate «Wine Expert 2013» on February 7 – 9, 2013 at the exhibition «Wine and Wine Production» in the Concert and Exhibition Hall of Odessa Commercial Sea Port.

Cost of one tasting constitutes 100 UAH. 

Please book the tickets to Wine Expert 2013 by the phone: (048) 777-60-68

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