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International Forum of winemakers and enologists
February 2017

About forum

Necessity and propriety of official support for small wine production in Ukraine as well as importance of wider population familiarization with culture of wine consumption and other actual aspects of Ukrainian winemaking industry were discussed in the course of International Amateur Winemakers Forum held on March 28, 2014 at Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies.

Organizers of Forum were Company “Expo-Yug-Service” and Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies. On behalf of Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies, personnel of Department of Wine Technologies and Oenology, Faculty “Wine Technologies, Preserved Food and Merchandizing” within Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies actively participated in resolving organizational problems as well as finding solutions to research and practice issues concerning preparation of the event. Company “Expo-Yug-Service” also took advantage of making use of its long-term experience in holding successful event aimed at promotion of wine production and wine consumption culture. Company “ExpoYug-Service” is known to have successfully conducted annual exhibitions “Wine & Wine Production. High Degree” and Training Express-Courses “Wine Expert” held with the support of Wine Expert Group.

General Informational Partner of International Amateur Winemakers’ Forum was magazine “VinoGrad”, Kiev. 

Interest to International Amateur Winemakers’ Forum, its importance both for the winemakers and their colleagues from related industries was evidenced by composition of guests and participants of the event. 

Contributors of International Forum were:

  • Pyotr Kovalenko, Deputy Director of Department of Agro-Industrial Development of Odessa Regional State Administration;
  • Fyodor Trishyn, Vice Rector for Educational and Research Work of Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies;
  • Liliya Borisova, Member of Central Tasting Commission of Ukraine, Leading Expert, Auditor for Industry Attestation in compliance with “State Standards of Metrology”;
  • Vladimir Osipov, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Representative of the Institute of Market Issues, Economic and Environmental Researches, NAAS of Ukraine, Head of Department of Social and Economic Development;
  • Nina Muliukina, Deputy Director on Scientific Work, National Scientific Center “V.Tairov Institute for Viticulture and Wine Production”;
  • Valeriy Petrov, President of All-Ukrainian Association for Manufacturers of Vinicultural and Horticultural Products;
  • Yury Chumachenko, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Assistant Professor of Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies.

Oksana Tkachenko, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Dean of the Faculty “Wine Technology, Preserved Food and Merchandizing” performed as a curator and compere of the Forum.

Forum Guests and Participants also were representatives of government structures, National Scientific Center “V.Tairov Institute for Viticulture and Winemaking”, specialized associations of farmers and amateur winemakers, lecturers and students of Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies.

Active participants of discussion also were representatives of travel agencies that offer trainings devoted to wine consumption culture and practical familiarity with enterprises of wine production within specialized “wine tours”. Participants of discussion including 35 amateur winemakers from Odessa, Nikolaev and Dnepropetrovsk regions also actively took part in this event conducted within Forum. The majority of them took part in such high-profile event for the first time.

“Wine Dialogue” was the centerpiece of Forum. This activity aroused interest of participants through its distinctive and exciting format of discussion held by professional oenologists and amateur winemakers. In the course of the joint working tasting, each of 34 amateurs’ wine samples, presented at the Forum, was as the saying goes “picked to pieces”. Later on, during spirited discussion, participants of tasting jointly formed new perspective image of this wine assisting its inventor both in removing defects and revealing all advantages of this wonderful drink.  

In other words, in the course of discussion, amateurs were offered new processing tools that like brushes and colors in hands of painter would provide winemakers with opportunity of creating brilliant and harmonic wine that you dream of.

Another practical outcome of discussion at “Wine Dialogue” was joint decision about establishment of All-Ukrainian Innovative and Technological Center for Amateur Movement Development. Commenting on situation, Eduard Tolochyants (Dnepropetrovsk, acting President of Winegrowers Club in Dnieper region), in particular, pointed out: “….there is a great deal of regional non-government organizations for winemakers-oenologists in Ukraine, however, each of them is “cut off its colleagues” reducing to a minimum exchange of information with their colleagues from other regions…..” National Center for Winemakers-Oenologists in such situation can both stimulate the exchange of necessary practical information among regions and create all requisite conditions for professional advancement of current amateurs and gradual transformation of amateurs’ winemaking into authorial winemaking (as exemplified by French Chateau) and professional winemaking (new trademarks and respective production capacities). 

Coordination Council being center for consolidation of regional associations, clubs, communities and other organizational forms for winemakers-oenologists into single National Association, the objective of National Association is to advocate interests of domestic winemakers on the domestic market and foreign markets as well. 

Participants of Forum consider the primary objectives and functions of both National Association and Innovative and Technological Center of Amateur Movement to be:

  • improvement of microvinification technologies;
  • outsourcing, provision of winemakers with expandable materials;
  • complex manufacturing of grapes (waste products of winemaking);
  • new technologies of products promotion (event marketing, wine tourism);
  • legal and regulatory support (Law “On Wine Production”, consequences of joining World Trade Organization, EU; в ВТО, в ЕС; license for bottling);
  • financial support of amateur movement (international grants, government support, support provided by various foundations).

Upon completion of International Forum, participants pointed out that imperfection of Ukrainian legislation in force considerably restricts possibilities of national microvinification and thus winemakers have fewer opportunities for developing efficient and independent system of wine quality control. However, even taking into consideration the abovementioned difficulties, many Ukrainian amateur winemakers produce wines worth recognition and appreciation of professional tasters. 

Thus, one of the primary objectives of current and future Forums should be considered formation and consolidation of single professional community of winemakers representing small and medium-sized business structures. This community in the nearest future will become basis for professional advancement of its participants, ensure efficient exchange of practical experience gained by participants, become generator of both legislative and technical procedures, the latter ensuring proper quality control of products manufactured by winemakers – oenologists, and thus ensuring opportunity for civilized enter of Ukrainian and foreign markets provided that it would be provided respective support on the part of Ukrainian lawmakers.



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