MAY 14-16, 2015
International exhibition
Technologies of Beauty - XXI Century
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“Beauty Technologies – XXI Century” Present: Novelties in the Exposition of the Company “TICO Professional”


Master Class by Training Center “Anturazh” for Eyelashes Extension Masters – “Fantastic Volume of Ultrathin Eyelashes”


Professional Hair Dressing Scissors ТМ SWAY in the Exposition of the Company «INTERSWAY»

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On May 15-17, 2014 exhibition company “Expo-Yug-Service” is to organize 17th International Exhibition “Beauty Technologies – XXI Century” at Concert and Exhibition Complex of Odessa Marine Passenger Terminal and at Passenger Complex of Odessa Sea Commercial Port.

Exhibitions are regarded as interlinks with customers to a greater extent than earlier as required by modern time. This is caused by the dynamics of market economy continuing development and attracting new visitors with strategic mission. This mission consists in answering to the question: “How should one develop business?” We strive for answering this question and making specific recommendations. 

This spring, exhibition “Beauty Technologies” will be modern, scientific and progressive event inasmuch as beauty is a richness of life that has to be accrued and preserved. Thus, for the 17th time beauty industry professionals from all regions of Ukraine and far abroad will present innovations in the field of cosmetology, hairstyling and nail technologies as well as in regard to salon business foundation within the framework of exhibition and its activities (seminars, master classes, trainings, contests).

Exhibitions are main developing and promotional events for companies. Outcomes of participation at the exhibitions are quite difficult to figure out in advance. Only exhibitions contribute to establishing contacts with many professionals personally within a short period of time and this, in turn, usually results in sales growth, increase of constant customers’ number, establishment of distribution chains in the regions, establishment of perspective contacts and increase of awareness about companies as well as great deal of new technologies and commodities. Upon completion of exhibition the meetings with representatives of organizations will be held, contracts will be signed and orders will be completed resulting in actual sales. Some important events occur during exhibition, some important events occur in a month, some important events occur in a year. In a competitive environment, non-participation in the exhibition might undermine positions of the companies on the market, decrease awareness about company, and give rise to casting doubt on stability of company.

In spring, professional expositions will cover all trends of beauty industry:

  • Professional skin care cosmetics, hair cosmetics and nail cosmetics;
  • Aesthetic medicine and machine cosmetology;
  • Tools, equipment and accessories for beauty salons, SPA centers, hairdressing saloons;
  • Professional decorative cosmetics;
  • Medical cosmetics;
  • Hair extension products, eyelashes extension products, nail extension products;
  • Solariums and suntan products;
  • Personal-care products;
  • Tattoo and piercing;
  • Associations, training centers and non-government organizations;
  • Specialized publications and literature.

Professional beauty technologies to be used for facial care, hair and nail care will be promoted by special events for beauty industry professionals:

First exhibition “Beauty Technologies – XXI Century” held in 1999 gathered 42 exhibitors, and there were already 117 exhibitors at the exhibition held in 2003. Fifteenth Anniversary Exhibition “Beauty Technologies – XXI Century” gathered more than 170 companies-exhibitors, presented more than 1300 world brands and Ukrainian brands, and opened a door for more than 10 thousand visitors. In 2014 project scope is supposed to be more impressive.

Survey conducted by organizer of the exhibition - company “Expo-Yug-Service” - among participations of the exhibition “Beauty Technologies – XXI Century” demonstrated that majority of exhibitors always plan their participation at exhibition in advance and prepare for it. For many years such companies as SportMedImport, Cosmotrade, Top-Cosmetic, KLAPP, Beauty Wellness, American Beauty, Elit-Cosmetics, Opus, Iris and great number of other companies successfully participated in our project.

For attracting visitors, one should perform multidimensional, multiple-stage and consecutive work to be launched long before exhibition. Success achieved after participation at exhibition is a great joint work of organizers and exhibitors. Technologies to be used for drawing attention to the stand include attraction of professionals to the exhibition and comfortable stay at the exhibition during its conduction. Exhibitors in turn have to think both about designing of exhibition stand and highly professional work of specialists at the stand. 

“Beauty Technologies – XXI Century” held for many years provides opportunity for visitors-professionals both to purchase well-known trademarks and familiarize themselves with novelties of branch products and services as well as for companies-exhibitors to train their customers to purchase majority of goods in the definite season, namely during the exhibitions.

Project will contribute to the use of thorough and fundamental approach to the work and development of “beautiful business” by beauty-professionals. Participation at the exhibition provides companies with “beautiful perspectives”, develops skills of turning beauty into money. 

Let’s do it together. We look forward to seeing you on May 15-17, 2014 at the 17th International Exhibition “Beauty Technologies – XXI Century”!



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